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Family Counseling











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Family Counseling is often sought due to a life change or stress negatively affecting one or all areas of family closeness, family structure (rules and roles) or communication style. This mode of counseling can take a variety of forms. Sometimes it is best to see an entire family together for several sessions.  Common issues addressed in family counseling are concerns around parenting, sibling conflict, loss of family members, new members entering the family, dealing with a major move or a general change affecting the family system.

How does Family Therapy work?

Family therapy involves meeting with members of the family and addressing each other’s concerns. The therapist may meet with the entire family or individual members of the family to better understand the family’s dynamics, relationships, and communication patterns. During therapy you will identify your family's strengths, such as being supportive of each other, and weaknesses, such as using an aggressive communication style leaving each other feeling unheard and invalidated. You’ll learn to collectively solve problems, express yourself in a productive manner, and constructively work through conflict.


Goals of Family Therapy

Family therapy can be helpful to all family members and assist with:

  • Reducing conflict within the family

  • Facilitating improved communication

  • Developing and maintaining healthy boundaries

  • Building empathy and an understanding of each other

  • Promoting problem-solving by a better understanding of family dynamics


Concerns to explore in family therapy

  • Communication Issues

  • Problems in school

  • Children’s behavioral problems

  • Financial difficulties

  • Infidelity, separation, or divorce

  • Custody arrangements

  • Conflicts between family members

  • Substance use or addiction

  • Family member’s mental illness

  • Caring for family members with special needs

  • Illness or death in the family

  • Life transitions


Family therapy is frequently short term, about 12 sessions, and each session typically takes about 50-60 minutes. However, the frequency of sessions and the number of sessions needed will depend on your family's particular situation and the therapist's recommendation. 

If you have questions about the process or would like information about scheduling, please call

715-514-0493 or email our office at  We look forward to working with you!

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