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Winding Rivers

“Did you know that there are no straight lines in the universe? Life doesn’t travel in perfectly straight lines. It moves more like a winding river. More often than not, you can only see to the next bend, and only when you reach that next turn can you see more.”
- T. Harv Eker

Therapy session

Life happens and we don’t always know what’s around the next bend. Those experiences can be overwhelming and leave people feeling lost, anxious, hopeless, and alone. Therapy, first and foremost, is a way to relieve that sense of aloneness and form a trusting, collaborative relationship with someone who accepts you just as you are.


We approach every client with an open mind and never make any assumptions about your life experiences. Every individual faces unique challenges, and needs to work on themselves at their own pace. Our mission is to empower each individual by guiding them along the journey of personal growth and change.


Here at Winding Rivers Counseling LLC, we strive to provide a safe space for individuals, couples and families to receive the tools, education, and services for establishing and maintaining healthier connections with oneself and with others. 

We believe that in order to live a truly fulfilled life, it is just as important to place a high priority on one’s mental health as it is for one’s physical health. Our team at Winding Rivers Counseling LLC aims to provide the highest level of mental health care for anyone who desires to grow and better their life. Take the first step and contact us today at 715-514-0493 or

Danielle is a great listener, compassionate, and deeply concerned about the wellbeing of her clients. She’s committed to helping them heal and grow! 

~Jolene, APNP- Referral Source

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